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Published on : Aug 22 2011

Small business owners must wear many hats. They are called upon to do everything from answering phones to janitorial work. One area where most small business owners are not prepared to serve, however, is in the accounting department.

Accounting entails a wide range of financial processes and procedures that must be followed if your business is to run smoothly. The smart business owners hire a qualified CPA or bookkeeper from the very beginning.

A professional accounting manager can keep your records in good order; they can prepare and send out quarterly tax statements and payments. You can ask for and get an up-to-date financial statement at any time. Profit and loss reports are just one of the many vital financial reports that you need in order to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Accounts payables and receivables are another area that must be done properly by a seasoned pro. Hiring a relative with no experience can end up costing you money. Not getting those payables processed and paid on time can cost you points on your company credit report.

Not properly processing your accounts receivables in a timely manner means your small business could suffer from cash flow problems. All these various areas must work together in order for your small business to run efficiently. There’s no substitute for a professional, cleanly run accounting department. This one area often makes or breaks small businesses.

PASBA represents Certified Public Accountants, Public Accountants, and Enrolled Agents who can provide accounting services to small businesses anywhere in the United States. Our job is to help small business owners find a great accountant or bookkeeper. Our extensive database includes hundreds if not thousands of excellent, well-trained bookkeepers with expertise in many areas of small business accounting from manufacturing to retail.

SmallBizAccountants.com is a free search engine, which connects your small business to the financial experts you need to keep your records straight. The Professional Association of Small Business Accountants (PASBA) has been helping to connect business owners and accounting professionals for years.

A small business accountant from PASBA will set up all your business accounts properly. They understand tax laws and know the areas where you need to use caution. They are in charge of balancing bank statements and credit card statements.

The smart business professional starts out with a qualified bookkeeper service on staff, so that financials don’t get into a tangled mess. PASBA will help you locate and hire just the right person to handle your tax return as well as your day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting chores. The pressure’s off when you have a pro on your team. Your time and energy can be spent on the things you do best: building your business.

PASBA member accountants bring the collective resources of a nationwide network of Certified Public Accountants, Public Accountants,  Enrolled Agents and other practitioners available to answer your tax and financial questions and streamline your business accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll operations. To find a trusted accountant in your area, visit www.SmallBizAccountants.com.

Please be advised that, based on current IRS rules and standards, any advice contained herein is not intended to be used, nor can it be used, for the avoidance of any tax penalty that the IRS may assess related to this matter. Any information contained in this article, whether viewed or subsequently printed, cannot be relied upon as qualified tax and accounting advice.  Any information contained in this article does not fall under the guidelines of IRS Circular 230.

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