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Review Your Healthcare Options...

There are over 27 million self-employed entrepreneurs and micro-businesses in the United States. If your small business is anything like the other 27 million, you're probably struggling with the constant upheaval in the health insurance market. Now is the time to review your small business health...

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Profit versus Cash Flow

Every small business financial advisor has heard it before, “If my business is profitable why don’t I have any money?” The way cash flows in and out of your business is a lynchpin for understanding business finance.  There is also a huge difference between making money and managing it.  So often ...

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IRS Tax Notices Explained

You filed your taxes, processed all of your W-2s and 1099-Cs and think your federal reporting is in great shape – until you receive the dreaded IRS tax letter. Your stomach knots, your mouth goes dry and suddenly a clammy panic takes hold. “Be calm!” says Appletree Business Services owner Steven ...

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